Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Al SABAH BAKERY مخبـــز الصبــــاح

Al Sabah Bakery (Located in Fahaheel, Mecca St.) is one of the very old and traditional bakeries in Kuwait. The Bakery was
established in 1967.

They bake traditional, old fashion cakes and deserts in addition to new cakes of new recipes, petit four, biscuits, bread, toast and others.

All their cakes are natural with no flavorings or preservatives. They use basic materials only such as flour, eggs, butter and oil.

Other than the bakery it self, you can find their delicious cakes at many co-ops here in kuwait as they distribute to them.

You can find it in Shamiya, Qadsiya, Dasma, Salwa, Keifan, Police co-op, Sabah Al-Salem, Jaber Al-Ai, Regga, Sabahiya, Ali Sabah Al-Salem and Fahaheel.

The place has been renovated, but the owners have no intention to change anything to their delicious old fashion recipes as people just love it the way it is!

The cake is very famous specially for Eid early morning breakfast, You can enjoy it along with ur milk, tea, coffe or 7atta pepsi :)

Yaaaah ! and I guess they deliver !

Sallaaaaaaaaaam !


lolat said...

يا خساااره جاي متحمس اقرا موضوعك

طلع بالانجليزي:$ . .. وانا ماعرف انجليزي :(

فاكتفيت بمشاهده الصوررر و التلذذ بالنظر اليهاا.. شووووي واكل المااوس

Anonymous said...

so cool i love it

Ansam said...

They are close to the early bird... right?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)